Out Of The Rabbit Hole

Finally!  One I like enough to hang on my own living room wall!

Out of the Rabbit Hole  36 X 62 - mixed media on canvas    FOR SALE HERE

Out of the Rabbit Hole 36 X 62 - mixed media on canvas


This past January I began working on a goal to do more painting - just for the pure pleasure of painting.  It continues to be a huge challenge but I'm determined to find my own personal voice.  I don't know... maybe it's an age thing, (actually, I know it's an age thing) but for some reason this year it's become a top priority to do some serious soul-searching with regards to how I want to spend my time making art.  When you work as many years as I have with an art director, an assignment and a deadline, it's really difficult to zero in on what exactly you like to do. Who am I as an artist?  I'm all over the map! Fortunately, my commercial background and my tenacity over the years has provided a wealth of valuable training.  Now it's time to experiment and enjoy what I've learned.

I am blessed to have dear friend and talented artist, Audrey Phillips, sharing my studio space with me.  To say I am out of my comfort zone when it comes to abstract painting is a gross understatement. I mean really...what is it?  When is it done?  You have no idea how many canvases I have painted over.  For some reason this big boy was my break-through.  My "Ah Ha" moment.  Whenever I grow tired, get bored and lose hope over a piece I'm working on, my first instinct is to give up and gesso over it for a clean start.  Audrey continuously encourages me to work through it instead... push and pull... go over and under...work my way "Out of that rabbit hole!"  So the name for this painting was a no-brainer.  

Of course I am hopeful I can do this again!  But for now I'm happily devoting much more time to a whole lot of experimenting with several different mediums and painting styles.  

And so the journey continues!