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Chocolate Ganache'

By Gosh!

ganache. /ɡəˈnæʃ/ 

noun. 1. a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream, used in cakes, truffles, and chocolates

I'd heard it but I really didn't know the meaning of the intriguing French word Ganache' so I had to look it up. Then I made it.  Wow... the words rich and sinful should definitely be added to the definition! I made this cake last week for my husband's birthday. It was time consuming and more complicated than I usually go for, but well worth it according to my guests. After dipping his finger in, Pj proclaimed, "I probably should go to church after eating this!"

I L L U S T R A T E D   R E C I P E S   A T   w w w . J O Y C E S H E L T O N . C O M

I L L U S T R A T E D   R E C I P E S   A T   w w w . J O Y C E S H E L T O N . C O M

*In typical Joyce fashion, I jumped right in- neglecting to read the entire recipe. I got to the point where it says to leave the ganache' on the counter for 8 hours and it was 5 hours until my guests were due to arrive. In the words of Scooby Do..."ruh-ro!" So I shoved it in the freezer for 30 minutes, then the fridge. It worked, but after icing the cake it did slide around a bit. (I have to believe those directions are there for a reason!) So every time I walked by I had to push it back in the other direction. - this in no way affected the delicsiousness!! 

Credit for this recipe goes to Southern Living Magazine, March 2017 Issue, pp 114/115