Bold Blossoms Collage Workshop

I'm back from vacation and itching to do something fun in the studio.

Why don't you join me?!

Saturday, August 19th & Sunday, August 20th

BRING A FRIEND! You each save $20.00

For more information - click the link below.

B O L D   B L O S S O M S   C O L L A G E   W O R K S H O P

I did this painting in 2011.  I came across it recently and thought hummm... why not open my studio and share this fun, creative process?

This work is pretty small - about 11 X 14- but I had it blown up. (thank you Jamey Lantz!)

It made a colorful splash as the entire back wall of my exhibit at the Surface and Textile Design show in NY.

Come join me... let's play together! I promise it will be fun!