Bridal Bouquet Paintings

Preserve the memory of your special day with a contemporary painting of your bridal bouquet or floral arrangement.

Is there anything more beautiful than fresh flowers? They bring color, joy and life to any special occasion. At the end of the day, the flowers may be gone but with a vibrant painting, they can remain alive forever - and continue to serve as a beautiful reminder of the event - all the while adding color and style to your living space.

 Wedding bouquet commission at Joyce Shelton Studio

Wedding bouquet commission at Joyce Shelton Studio

Here's how I work:

• I work from your photos. If this is to be done before the wedding, you can bring me photos from the florist or whatever you find in magazines or online that best represents the bride’s wishes for her bouquet. If it’s after the wedding, as many photos of the bouquet will be perfect. Close-ups are best.  

• The painting is done with quality acrylic paints on a gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang - no need for a frame. The 1.5” sides are painted in a soft grey/green that coordinates with the colors of the painting. My style of painting is impressionistic, rich in color and bold in composition. - representational but not super realistic. I do not try to capture a photographic image in my paintings, but rather my objective is to create a pretty, decorative piece of art that conveys the mood and the feel of the occasion. I will work with you on any specifics you have in mind. It is my goal to please so there is no obligation to purchase the finished painting if for any reason you are not satisfied with my interpretation.

• I prefer to work large. They show off so much better as a contemporary, decorative painting when done on a large scale as opposed to a small paining in a frame. However, realizing everyone can not afford or perhaps has no space for a large painting, I’ve come up with a compromise and will work as small as 24 X 24. 

• Depending on my schedule, please allow 1- 3 weeks for me to complete your painting.

• Shipping is your responsibility. As you know these costs vary with weight, size and destination. If shipping is required, I will obtain an estimate and let you know the cost. I live in the Orlando, Florida area for those who wish to pick up the painting at my studio.

• My prices are listed below:

24 X 28 - $350.00

30 X 30 - $350.00

30 X 36 - $450.00

30 X 40 - 450.00

48 X 48 - $750.00

For more information about commissioning a painting contact me HERE.

What a great wedding or shower gift! Gift certificates available.


 Wedding bouquet commission at Joyce Shelton Studio

Wedding bouquet commission at Joyce Shelton Studio