• Linoleum Block Cutters 

Dick Blick carries the Speedball cutters which are fine and I like the way the tips store in the handle. Most local art supplies also carry these and I've seen them at Michael's - use your coupon!

• Linoleum

I prefer Golden Cut unmounted or any unmounted linoleum. It's easy to cut and we will be printing by hand.        Dick Blick has a great variety of sizes at very reasonable prices. It's most economical to buy one or two larger sheets and cut them to smaller sizes from there. 

• Brayers

Most art supply stores carry these.  I have seem them at Michael's too. Dick Blick also carries a variety of these. It's nice to have both a wide and a narrow one but if you can only get one, a wide one is best. Both hard and soft rubber work. Do not get foam. 

• Baren 

This tool is used to gently rub the back of the paper to transfer the ink. It is also possible to transfer your image with a rolling pin or the back of a spoon. It's a nice tool to have but not required. I will have these in the studio for you to use if you do not want to invest in one without trying it.  Dick Blick

• Paper 

Rives BFK is my go-to paper. It is archival, acid free and yields nice prints. I suggest you bring a sheet or two of real good paper like Rives BFK or any other kind you'd like to try. I will have inexpensive practice paper available in the studio. 

• Ink

Water base printmaking ink is recommended for my basic printing on paper lino classes. Speedball works great.  Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White are the only colors you need.  Again, I have seen these at Michael's and you can also order them from Dick Blick.

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