This page from my journal was done while relaxing on the back deck of the ship during a Mediterranean cruise. Although I have hundreds of photos from that trip, none of them bring a brighter smile to my face or recall the wonderful memories of that day quite like this one single sketch does whenever I look at it.



Suitable for beginners and intermediates, adults only

If you are new to watercolor or if you just want to brush up your skills and learn a few new tricks, you will enjoy this workshop.

In this class you will lose your fear of watercolor and learn to embrace the freshness and excitement that is unique to this wonderful medium. You will learn how to simplify and quickly interpret your subject by sketching loosely with your brush. We will experiment with accent lines using different pencils and pens and we will play around with different papers. I will show you the most direct and uncomplicated way to use watercolor with techniques that add sparkle and life to your illustrations. If you are looking to keep a daily sketchbook or travel journal, this medium and this workshop is a good place to begin.

* This is a one day watercolor class, focusing on the basics of quick sketching with watercolor. We will work from life and photographs to learn the basic properties of the watercolor medium. If you are interested applying your watercolor skills specifically to journaling, the WATERCOLOR JOURNALING workshop (below) is a more in depth class exploring layout and design for sketchbook journaling. 




Suitable for intermediates, adults only

* If you are new to watercolor, the above basic WATERCOLOR SKETCHING class is required

Keeping a sketch journal teaches you to see everything around you in ways you can't imagine until you get in the habit of doing it. You even begin to look at mundane, everyday subjects in a whole new light, imaging ways to design your page and depict your subject in a colorful and interesting page layout. Sketching demands you become present in the moment. There are so many distractions in our lives - so much stress and bad news in the world.  Why not put down the phone, turn off the noise, check out of social media for a bit and engage in your life! 



Suitable for all levels, adults only

FOOD!  Drawing it and eating it. How much fun is that?! Every now and then, I host a tea party in my studio with lots of goodies served on a table full of sinful pastries, colorful dishes and fresh flowers. A veritable feast for the eyes and the palette (pun intended)! 

Forget the diet for a couple of hours, bring your sketch book and enjoy sketching and eating. Seriously, could there be a better, more satisfying way to spend an afternoon?


About My Workshops

There is a student minimum on all classes.  If the minimum is not met, the class may be cancelled.

All classes must be paid in full at the time of registration. All bookings are final and I cannot offer a refund, except in exceptional circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Coffee, tea, water and a variety of snacks will be available, but unless otherwise stated, you are responsible for providing your own lunch. 


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