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Looking for a special gift for a new or upcoming bride?

I am accepting commissions until December 10th for an original acrylic painting of the bride’s bouquet. I can only do a few of these in time for holiday gift-giving, so get in touch soon if you are interested. For details on how I work click HERE. Or to request more information click HERE.


* Shipping NOT included - limited to US at this time • Final shipping date December 12, 2018


I am humbled, honored and grateful beyond words to all of you who purchased a little chunk of my art and soul from my 30 for $30 Sale during the month of October. I had so much fun and I learned so much! I had no idea when I started out that my colorful little florals would be so well received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have all given me encouragement to continue.

I think we’ll do this again!

To view them all click HERE. Please feel free to send me a comment or request for special colors.

30/30 Starts October 1st!


This is a great opportunity to own a piece of affordable, original art.

For 30 days I will post a new 8 X 8 watercolor painting. Each one is one of a kind so if you like it, don’t wait! You can visit the entire 30 days HERE or Follow along on my Instagram feed HERE and Facebook feed HERE.

I will post daily at NOON Eastern Standard Time.

PEACHY KEEN  • 8” X 8” Watercolor • $30.00 • DAY 1 of 30/30 ORIGINAL PAINTING SALE

PEACHY KEEN • 8” X 8” Watercolor • $30.00 • DAY 1 of 30/30 ORIGINAL PAINTING SALE


One week ago I made the commitment to myself to paint in my sketchbook every day… at least 30 minutes! Simple, quick, not precious and no expectations are the parameters I set for myself.

You can follow along HERE . I’m posting these daily sketches in my Instagram feed to help keep me on track. Why not give it a go for yourself!



To just BE HAPPY!

Whaaat?!  Recently I came across this quote somewhere and I liked it so much I decided to illustrate it. My usual modus operandi is to plough through life's ups and downs in an effort to get to the other side as quickly as possible - preferably unscathed! Maybe it's age. I don't know? But this idea of taking more time, perhaps getting simpler along the way. . . well. . . I'm mildly intrigued.

Could it work? 

It's been a year and a half filled with many challenges. Unresolved issues. Uncertainties. I'm feeling very lost in the storm.

Sure, I get it. I know that this is just part of the game of life but it seems I used to effortlessly chug along with purpose and balance a lot more often. I simply need to find a tad more of that. 

Every now and then I think we should all take some time to reflect, refresh, unplug, disconnect... and just BE HAPPY! 

What a concept.

©Joyce Shelton Studio

©Joyce Shelton Studio


I'll be back. Want to know when? Sign up for my newsletter here.

Still Feeling Colorful

In a landscape-y way!

I'm taking a break from flowers but apparently I'm still in a colorful mood.  I'm going back to my love of impressionist painting and embracing the fact that I love color and yes, I love to dabble - not to be confused with diddle!  That's what you do when you're about to over-work something. You diddle. I am all too familiar with diddling!  Knowing when to stop dabbling, before it turns into dibbling...well that continues to be a work in progress.

Summer Song  24 X 48  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas                                

Summer Song  24 X 48  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas                                

As I re-read what I just wrote I can't help but wonder if perhaps I'm spending too much time with my 4 year old granddaughter!




Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

I've been on a flower painting kick lately. The studio is all a-bloom and I can't help but feel happy when I walk in and see all the bright, beautiful color! There's so much ugly in the world it just makes me happy to loose myself in some "pretty". 

Inspiration is everywhere it seems. I can hardly wait to finish one just so I can hurry up and start another.  Such was the case with a recent bridal bouquet commission. I finished Shannon's and just had to paint another one for myself!


Shannon requested a 36 X 36 square so just for fun I decided to repaint the same flowers in a 30 X 40 horizontal. I usually don't like to paint the same subject twice but this was a great exercise in composition for me and I really did enjoy painting it just as much the second time around. 

Elegant Simplicity  30 X 40  Acrylic on Canvas

Elegant Simplicity  30 X 40  Acrylic on Canvas

Shannon liked hers, so it's not for sale, but this one is available to adorn your wall right here

There's really nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers. They bring color, joy and life to any special occasion. But once they're gone, they're gone. Why not add some color and style to your living space and commemorate the occasion with a beautiful painting of your bouquet or flower arrangement? I work from your photos and my goal is to please so there is no obligation to purchase the finished painting if for any reason you are not satisfied with my interpretation. It's a win-win!

Give me a shout if you'd like to learn more.

*Makes a great wedding or shower gift! Gift certificates available.

Chocolate Ganache'

By Gosh!

ganache. /ɡəˈnæʃ/ 

noun. 1. a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream, used in cakes, truffles, and chocolates

I'd heard it but I really didn't know the meaning of the intriguing French word Ganache' so I had to look it up. Then I made it.  Wow... the words rich and sinful should definitely be added to the definition! I made this cake last week for my husband's birthday. It was time consuming and more complicated than I usually go for, but well worth it according to my guests. After dipping his finger in, Pj proclaimed, "I probably should go to church after eating this!"

I L L U S T R A T E D   R E C I P E S   A T   w w w . J O Y C E S H E L T O N . C O M

I L L U S T R A T E D   R E C I P E S   A T   w w w . J O Y C E S H E L T O N . C O M

*In typical Joyce fashion, I jumped right in- neglecting to read the entire recipe. I got to the point where it says to leave the ganache' on the counter for 8 hours and it was 5 hours until my guests were due to arrive. In the words of Scooby Do..."ruh-ro!" So I shoved it in the freezer for 30 minutes, then the fridge. It worked, but after icing the cake it did slide around a bit. (I have to believe those directions are there for a reason!) So every time I walked by I had to push it back in the other direction. - this in no way affected the delicsiousness!! 

Credit for this recipe goes to Southern Living Magazine, March 2017 Issue, pp 114/115

Bold Blossoms Collage Workshop

I'm back from vacation and itching to do something fun in the studio.

Why don't you join me?!

Saturday, August 19th & Sunday, August 20th

BRING A FRIEND! You each save $20.00

For more information - click the link below.

B O L D   B L O S S O M S   C O L L A G E   W O R K S H O P

I did this painting in 2011.  I came across it recently and thought hummm... why not open my studio and share this fun, creative process?

This work is pretty small - about 11 X 14- but I had it blown up. (thank you Jamey Lantz!)

It made a colorful splash as the entire back wall of my exhibit at the Surface and Textile Design show in NY.

Come join me... let's play together! I promise it will be fun!

Me Time

Feeling A Little Like A Sandwich

stuck between the salami and cheese.

Not that I mean to compare my grandchildren and my mom to a salami and cheese sandwich but if like me, you find yourself smack in the middle of grand kids and aging parents, you get my analogy. I work and I have a husband too so let's add a couple of slices of capicola to the sandwich while we’re at it. I’m still multi-tasking like I’m in my thirties, spreading my time like a thin layer of mayo. As a working artist, hungry for time to hone my craft and feed my own soul, I know I don’t face this challenge alone... the never ending search for “me time”. 

I’m sure it’s age that has me so worked up. This place in time - this sandwich stage. Watching my mom struggle with being 88 and realizing my own mortality. Wanting so much to give my two precious grandchildren all the Gigi time I can. Spending time with my husband and my home. Traveling. Painting. Time has gradually, yet suddenly, become so much more precious. Admittedly I have become somewhat obsessed with contemplating it all. I find myself looking deep within - deeper than I ever have before - hoping to zero in on the things that are most important so I can choose my time wisely. 

Last Sunday I finally visited my studio after way too long an absence. I did not hesitate to tear into a brand new large canvas and slap some paint with very little planning or thought. Who has time for that?! This painting was the result and I am still beaming with happiness at the joy I felt just getting in the moment and "doing it". 

@ Joyce Shelton Studio  •  48" X 24" Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)

What's your passion - the thing you wish you had more time for? Why not crank up the music in your studio and slap some paint? Or do whatever it is that makes you happy. Life is short. Time is precious. Do it! 

As for me, I'm going to throw a pickle on that sandwich and enjoy it! What the hell, I think I'll indulge in a slice of cheesecake for dessert! 

The Most Fabulous Trio!!

A Little Shameless Hubby Promotion

Seriously... the most talented jazz musicians anywhere! Ok, maybe I'm just slightly partial, but I'm just sayin'!  They are booked year long on luxury cruises and Jazz parties and festivals all over the world. These three talented musicians tour together every January all over Florida and this year, thanks to The Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts, they will be playing here in Winter Park next Wednesday, January 25th. To my local friends who are always asking where Eddie is playing - it's a rare Orlando happening. I hope to see you there. book your tickets here!

As a special extra treat, tune in to WUCF Jazz and more 89.9, Wednesday January 25th, noon to one p.m. for live music and interview with the trio. Tune in on your radio, 89.9 or listen here.   •   •            

Feeling (kind-a) Fall-ish in Florida

In The Kitchen With Avery & Gigi


While working on the first edition of the Oak Harbour newsletter with my neighbor Cindy, we came up with the idea to feature a recipe of the month.  I don't know about you but anything with cream cheese works for me! 

We found this one here: - DELICIOUS! 


  • 1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon pumpkin spice
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 (15 oz) can pumpkin (pure pumpkin puree)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Place paper baking cups into muffin pan. Set aside.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk flour, pumpkin spice, baking soda and salt until well combined. Set aside.
  • In large bowl, whisk together pumpkin, sugar and brown sugar.
  • Beat in eggs, vegetable oil and vanilla extract. Slowly whisk in the flour mixture, until there are no lumps. Fill muffin tins 3/4 full.
  • In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Add in sugar, egg yolk and vanilla extract and beat until well combined.
  • Top each muffin with about 1 tablespoon of cream cheese mixture and use a toothpick to swirl it into the batter. This will not look smooth, but it will bake up much prettier. 
  • Bake muffins for 18-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • I liked these best at room temperature or even slightly chilled! Store in an airtight container in the fridge.


It is highly recommended, if at all possible, that you get a little helper for this recipe. Preferably a cute one in a pink polka dot Minnie Mouse dress.  Makes all the difference in the outcome!